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Firstly I would like to apologies for my description. I do indeed mean dayglo/fluorescent.
Secondly this post is not just about me. As from the replies so far it seems an issue with quite a few people.

In reply to several things brought up, I currently use a lightstream scope. I have used a varied array of scopes up to a 60mm objective. I have tried filtered glasses and they don't help. I also tried differing mag and although it does help a small bit, it doesn't help with the contrast issues

The idea about numbered plates being made dayglo isn't bad, but as targets are often placed in differing positions in relation to the plate it is still sometimes a guessing game locating the target.

The pics supplied from G40 really speak out for the benefits better than I can write

Sadly I also have a bad back so cant lower myself to a poison dwarfs level, so I wont even entertain your comments, but I do get on with things, and am just asking for a small change to assist people continuing a sport they enjoy and have had years of fun partaking in.
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