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I feel for this guy and anyone who is having sight problems.

My eyes certainly aren't what they used to be.

Would luminous paint cause glare problems through the scope?

I'm trying to think how you can be helped?

Pete has mentioned quality glass if the problem is through the scope. Maybe decent glass with a larger objective. That would mean narrow depth of field so you may have to use low mag. However maybe be better on low mag with a brighter view. Better to be shooting at smaller targets rather than not being able to see them.

At the cricket a number of the lads use those light and contrast enhancing specs ( usually yellow ). Trying to see a dark red cricket ball on a dull day with a red brick or tree background is a nightmare. Those specs really help. Everything is so much brighter and clear with them . Maybe they would help you see the targets in a dull wood?

Have you tried those? Are they actually allowed in HFT ( the Pete's will tell you ).

Good luck with it and I hope you can carry on shooting and enjoying your HFT.

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