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Schmidt & Bender launched the 12.5-50x56 FT II scope. It's version 2 of their FT scope. The first version, as most of you know had some serious temp shift and/or light sensitivity issues.

The new scope is supposed to be completely sorted out (they swear by it), and I was told does NOT have any more rangefinding issues. Well I guess we shall have to wait and see....

It comes in Silver and Black versions, and includes a REMOVEABLE sidewheel - it's magnetised and just pulls off with a very sturdy pull. VERY strong little magnets, so it sits extremely tight.

Secondly, the scope now comes with a 34mm main tube, not 30mm anymore. And it has the PMII scope's double turn elevation turret. Also included now, is the bubble level - no longer an aftermarket accessory that costs the earth.

The scope is relatively lightweight, but heavy enough to instill "confidence" that it's very well built. I do not have the weight spec, but it does not feel very heavy - at least nowhere near as heavy as my 5-25x56 PMII scopes. The weight is not given in the specs - I will see if there's a way to get it from them tomorrow. But it "feels" lighter than a PMII....

And no, I do not thing this is just a PMII "rebadged". It feels lighter than the PMII's. They launched a LOT of new scopes in other lines today too....

Here are the specs, word for word from the brochure:

*Parallax from 9.86 yards to infinity (9m to infinity)
*12.5-50x zoom
*Temperature Stable
*Ultra precise turrets
*Magnetic Clip on Wheel
*Length - 16.96"
*Main Tube - 34mm
*Objective diameter - 2.2"
*Field of view - 12.6ft - 3.3ft / 100 yards
*Exit Pupil - 0.18" - 0.05"
*Eye Reilef - 2.76"
*Twilight Factor - 26.45 - 52.91
*Transmission - 90%
*Focal Plane - 1st or 2nd
*Elevation - 0.1MRAD per click or 1/4MOA or 1/8MOA per click (double turn turret)
*Windage - same as elevation (single turn turret)
*Waterproof - 9.84 feet
*Reticles - 1st focal plane: FT Sport 1 with other reticles available on request
*Reticles - 2nd focal plane: FT Sport 2 or FT Sport 3 with other reticles available on request
*Sidewheel diameter - 5.12"

Steyr LG110FT - March 8-80x56 IR

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