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Correct, I'm not asking for special treatment.
All I want is to be able to turn up to a shoot, and know I will be in with a chance of seeing the targets I am aiming for. Knocking them down is always a bonus.
Think of it like this.
You travel to any club that is putting on a shoot, and once you start you can only shoot say half the course due to some reason, just imagine how frustrated you would feel, let alone disappointed, not at the club but yourself.
The clubs only follow the rules, and thankfully rules can be changed to make things better.
Unlike loosing your vision

@rogb I understand where you are coming from but I only shoot at clubs affiliated to the UKAHFT. As stated yellow on black KZ may be good for those with good vision but luminous Yellow on black KZ is good for all shooters. It would be nice to think that the UKAHFT and all clubs actually think about everyone that shoots at there grounds and would happily adopt the colour choices whether UKAHFT affiliated or not.
If you can spray paint a target yellow, you can just as easily spray it luminous yellow

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