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Hi Rog,
As I stated I know yellow is an option but even this is not enough contrast. Normal yellow is easily lost in shaded areas or in Autumn when the leaves are turning. And even when placed in a wheat field.

@Jinx Yes it would be great if it was a rule making it fair for ALL shooters, after all is that not the idea.

I don't want this being turned into a who said what tennis match. This is a matter or being fair and making hft a sport open to everyone who wishes to take part, and not be handicapped just because they have a disability.

I can shoot safely, and do. If I ever felt I couldn't I'd hang up my rifles but a small and simple solution would mean so much to those that have, or are thinking of stopping just because they struggle locating targets. You may even get shooters that left return knowing that they will be able to fairly stand a chance of getting a half decent score, and enjoy the sport again.

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