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Yes went there with a colleague last week. Early days but not a bad little setup. 30m indoor range upstairs with about 5 lanes. Mainly spinner type targets and a couple of those resetting targets with 4 silhouettes in a box, hit the middle disc to reset them all. A zeroing board which was out at 25m when we went there. Half a dozen pistol lanes at 10m downstairs with hand operated pulley target changers. No proper heating so it was cold. There were a couple of electric space heater but the one near us didn't seem to be working at the time.

The owner was very friendly and welcoming. A fiver an hour is quite reasonable for an occasional plink or zero session but not so much if you want to go 3 times a week. I think you can get a discount if you buy some sort of advance ticket.

Looks like they are open to ideas and when we were packing up the owner's brother (IIRC) turned up with an electric resetting target he'd just made, so they're investing some effort into it.

All the lanes are bench type, sit at bench or stand behind. At the moment there is nowhere you could sit FT style to zero, or go prone for HFT, but they seem very open to ideas.
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