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Originally Posted by tristinh View Post
Evening people, I'm looking for some advise.

I currently own a Daystate MK4 which I have added a but hook, hamster and a Falcon T50 scope as my first setup. Now whilst I feel that I have a lot to learn I feel that this setup is just not right for me.

Okay let me explain, I shot my first friendly comp. few months back and thought I did ok (can't remember my exact score) any way went back to my club and shot our course Avon Hawks for a few weeks and felt it was all over the place. Then, before Christmas we had another friendly at our club and this time felt I had improved 29/40. But since then again it's just doesn't feel consistent and I can't get it to group well at all. I've heard that the Daystates are not the best past 40 yards but not sure. Now I'm not that experienced, and I have said that I will stick with it but just concerned that it's going to frustrate me, and with SWEFTA comps starting soon I at a loss. I've cleaned the barrel, changed the pellet probe o ring, I use a single shot adaptor and AA Diablo's 4.52.

Getting to the point, should i stick with it or look at selling and getting something else, I'm thinking of a styer or similar if one comes up on here but just wanted people honest advice.

Thanks Tristin
There should be nothing wrong with that as a FT outfit . not my choice , but daystate rifles can be very accurate .
try putting it over a chrono and seeing how consistent it is . then give it to a known shot to try . luck HOLLY
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