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Default Summer League

Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
I'll be very surprised if Gilly is not lurking in the background on this one, to see how much response is generated by JJ's initial enquiry. and NeilT's efforts to promote a SL programme.
And if no proposal has yet been put forward to MFTA, then all may not yet be lost.
Very true Stroke Bloke, all very true.

Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
I spoke to some of the Milride guys on Saturday about organising something with John Sears at the helm of things. Firstly we need to sort out weather the MFTA are going to be involved in organising any form of a Summer league. And we need a definite yes or no very soon so we can get the ball rolling with dates, clubs involved and interested parties.

I am going to start a new thread or poll to get people's interest in this event as soon as we know for definite about the involvement of the MFTA.

As things are so far there are a few clubs interested in holding an event.

Far Coley
Purely Chase

And maybe 1 or 2 more.

If there are 5 or 6 clubs willing to hold an event then there could be a very good basis of going ahead with it.

There are only 7 GPs this season, so if we were to slot a Summer league event in between each GP that would be a 6 round league for all those interested, some of you in the MFTA region may not attend the GPs, so this would be a great way to support your region and local clubs without the hassle of travelling hundreds of miles for each event, which I know is very costly.

When I spoke to John Sears and the guys at Milride they were hoping to get a date in late June or early July on a Sunday, which would, I think, be the preferred day to hold the events.

Just a heads up for those clubs who are expressing an interest in holding an event. If the MFTA are not going to be involved then each club will have to have a booking in system in place. Not sure about cards yet, but IMO we will need a uniform card for all the events to make it easier to collate and sort out the scores.

We need to have a meeting at some point to finalise things. Again I will speak to John Sears Nd the Milride guys at the appropriate time.

Oh no what have I done... I`ve started a mutiny. Neil-T`s turned into Spartacus!

StrokeBloke is Crixus.

My advice would be to ask your club rep to actually attend the MFTA meeting in January and represent that clubs membership. vote on the proposal of a Summer League and see what happens.
But first one club needs to propose the idea and one club to second it (I think). Personally I don't get a vote on the matter. I`m just the mule.

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