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Many thanks to Cosford for the shoot today. Please take the comments and banter as they are meant to be....constructive.

Really enjoyed the shoot today and nice to see LankyMark starting to get the HFT bug again. Thanks to Peter Foote and Steve Handby for the company on the course, it was a pleasure to shoot round with you guys.

To answer the questiion of the high scores. The course was a mid skill course with at least 8 targets being full size kils at sub 35 yard ranges. Saying that, the wind was tricky and depending on which part of the course you were on when the gusts came through made or broke your score. Don't want to take away anything from Nick as the clearance was the only one of the day with quite a lot of quality shooters attending.

I did have a nice chat with one of the chaps running Cosford (sorry but i don't know your name) about how good the course was but to not have so many targets in the 'gimme' bracket. works fine for a club shoot where you want to encourage new shooters but this was Midlands series shoot so would have expected it to be a little more difficult.

IMHO, a rule of thumb is that you have 5 targets that most can get, 10 that are truly evil and 15 that have varying degrees of difficulty/position.

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