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Originally Posted by kieran turner View Post
Personally i think wind estimation is actually a shooting skill, like the idea of the format though.
Hi Kieran.

I totally agree that wind estimation is part of the skill. I break it down into a variety of skills. Wind esitimation. Ranging. Ability to hold shot on aim ( steadiness ). Shot release technique. There's nerve under pressure and a few others as well.

Looking at the history of FT and HFT ... as kit and shooter ability has advanced, the way to keep the challenge tough for the best shooters seems to have been to make the targets more difficult. So extend the range ( FT ) and reduce kill sizes. In HFT we see 15mm @ 25y, 20mm @ 30y, 25mm @ 40y, 35mm @ 45y ( prone ). These sizes would still be little problem to top shooters/kit on still days and it is wind that causes most misses. In some cases the shooter will have done nothing wrong and slight wind variation ( with small kills ) decides whether one shooter or another gets that target. No one really seems to have thought to leave the targets alone and make the actual shooting more of a challenge ... in particular the ability to hold steady on aim and get the shot off well in a variety of positions ( To be fair HFT did try no peg shots [ plates ] and SARC have no pegs. Shooting with forearm on the floor and butt on floor can be just as steady as a peg, so it would probably take the 'no support forward of elbow and rifle off the floor' to really toughen prone up ).

If more positionals were used, so more targets were at closer ranges with larger kills, then it would be the ability to hold on aim and shot release parts of the skill that would come more into play and less so wind estimation ... and more importantly variable wind would be less of a lottery. So the shooters with the most skill in a variety of positions would score the highest.

HFT has it right. It's a great game where anyone with reasonable kit can turn up, and with a bit of coaching and practice, can be getting scores over 40. Keep putting in the practice and those scores head towards 50. All this time they are getting out in the fresh air and meeting new friends. The fact that most shots are taken from a relatively steady supported prone stance, and the 1 point for a plate, makes this happen. Attendances are high and that's great.

In FT threads where changing kneeling positions has been discussed there is a lot of negative comment with people saying they will shoot the 'Open' class where you shoot ALL sitting if you wish.

So a format where you only shoot a 1/3 in freestyle would probably not attract the same amount of shooters. It would be interesting though to see how the top shots went on in a true test of a variety of positions. Like I said ... maybe a good idea for occasional club shoots or maybe a club could run an annual " 3 Position Target ( 3PT ) " comp and see who fancies the challenge. I know clubs do ' Gamble ' shoots where you get more points if you take the shot in a tougher position, but I'm talking about a course set out to split the 3 positions equally.

FT and HFT are great as they are. Just an option for club shoots and apologies to the OP as it's nowt really to do with his original question ... but these chats do digress.

To be honest I may try and give it a go at our club. Our club is set in very dense woodland and has little wind so something like that would be a way of making it more challenging. We have a number of 'hunters' who are actually pretty good at kneelers/standers so they may enjoy it.

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