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Reading about this reminds me of the first Winter League FT shoot I put out in 1994.

We put the course out on the Saturday and on checking the forecast brought in some of the 45+yd targets. It was only a 30 shot course. Dave Welham walked the course and at the captains meeting wanted some of the targets moved out as they were to close.

The decision was made to leave them as we told them we set the course for the conditions. A club mate shot round with him and on the lane he started on the 1st target was 9yd 40mm. Wind was right to left and strong so Dave gave it right hand side of kill to see the pellet miss 1/2" left of kill.

Top score of the day was 12, only 3 got into double figures there were quite a few dejected faces when giving 12" of plate on a 45ydish target to see it still miss the target to the left.

Dave came over at the end and apologised for wanting to move the targets out. The top score could have been in single figures if they had.
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