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Originally Posted by Akita View Post
Ive been struggling a bit recently with my BSA 10-50x60 platinum range finding is great, though ive been struggling to knock them over i using 15x mag to shoot.
Today half way aroung the course i went back to my old 10x mag to shoot and i started knocking them over whats going on?
You don't buy a high mag scope to shoot on 10 X . well not from a cheaper scope anyway . it can affect the zero . but the lowest i shoot on with my old BSA was 25 mag . i used to range on 35 mag then go down to 25 mag to shoot . so in otherwords check all the ranges on 35 mag on the zero range . then set up the lifts on your turret on 25 mag . then go out and try it , BUT always shoot on 25 mag . remember it is better to shoot at a dinner plate than a saucer , Dig ??? HOLLY
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