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Originally Posted by McMurphy View Post
Deffo summat to hang on to like you have done Jinx, I always wanted one of the pin badges -and sew on patches they used to do! Dunno if they still do em now! There certainly not featured in the advertisements anymore!
So tell us what you had to do to be awarded this certificate then!
I remember those badges
Don't know if they do them anymore either mate but I doubt it.
It was fun to get something like that back then.
As for the certificate though, you had to fill out the form in the mag, airgun world, send it off in the post with a small payment and you got back you're target and some instructions.
You shot the target and posted it back then you got you're grade a week or 2 later.
Mines 2nd place, marksman, I think the top mark was sharpshooter.
I do wonder does anyone else still have theirs ?
What I remember most is the sweat lashing off me when I'd fired 9 shots and was on number 10 thinking please don't be a flyer
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