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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
What's the definition of a dedicated Target Rifle and a Hunting style rifle?

If a target rifle (whatever that is) is more accurate than a hunting style rifle (whatever that is) then wouldn't it be more humane for hunters to start using target rifles for hunting?

Personally, I don't know of an off the shelf gun that has a cheek piece that isn't too low for a scope on medium mounts. Unless it has an adjustable cheek piece. To some (UKSARC for example) guns with adjustable cheek pieces are defined as Target Rifles.
Very true Brian, I couldn't shoot the same in comps with a standard stock that is for sure. Plenty of shooters better than me have had some pretty good scores though with guns costing well under 1K.(Kieran for one when he shot with his MPR, and Chris Cundey when he shot a GML).

My MPR and PW stock stands me at about 550 plus scope, but I still believe that its a little bit of gun snobbery to say a gun costing 2K must be better, and I think that it is great to see guns of all values entering top HFT comps.
I might have to eat my words though if I turn up with a Steyr this season though. Not sure yet though as I am hacking at another stock to fit my MPR which I bought as a bare unfinished carcass from Warren Edwards. Gun fit is very important and, and I actually prefer not to have electrics or regs to go wrong.
Strangely though I hunt with a GML 410 with standard AA stock!
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