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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Well over the last seven years of shooting HFT in the NEFTA series, and club shoots, I would say a good 400 with a stock that fits you well is as good as anything out there. If you have it set it up well and know the gun and its habits you will do ok.
I have also used a Ranger for a year which was very accurate with the best trigger I have had, but the rest of the time I have used either a GML'd AA 400, or as for the last two years an MPR with a Paul Wilson stock.

Its kept up with all the Steyrs and everything else out there bringing some mid to high 50 scores in for me.

Its all about setting your kit up, gun fit and confidence in yourself. Most decent PCPs will do the business. Dont worry what others use, just use what feels right.

Setting up your gun and knowing the performance of your combination is of course essential, without this a 5k rig will put the same big fat zero on your score card as a 100 combination bought in the local secondhand shop.

In saying that a decent 400 or equivalent is in absolute terms as accurate as the "super guns", well maybe, if you compare by clamping in a vice with no chance of movement. The simple fact is that the top guns (Steyrs, Anschutz etc) have better triggers, a sweeter firing cycle, less movement in the firng cycle, thereby making it easier to attain a higher level, and being more forgiving to shoot.

I've seen several times on this forum that in many peoples opinion a 400 is 'as good as anything else out there', simply it isn't, the Steyrs, Anschutz 9003's, and to some extent EV2's of the world are in a different league to the aforementioned gun for the reasons above. Yes some people will put in very respectable scores with a 400, but the extra few percent that the super guns give is the difference at the very top level of competition, and could be the difference between winning or losing, which is why you when you look at the scoreboard of any top level FT comp in particular, you will find the super gun combinations blocking out the leading positions
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