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Default whats with all the target rifles.......

Today I sent off my entry for kelmarsh 2014, but as I was watching a few videos here and there on hft meets, and looking at photos taken at kelmarsh 2013, I find myself wondering why people with dedicated target rifles, such as the styers and airarms ev's (which, dont get me wrong, are 1st class target rifles) are taking part in competitons primarilay designed for hunting type rifles.

Is this the norm at hft meets or am I just looking at all the wrong photos..... im looking forward to testing myself in my first competition, with my new daystate air ranger, and I dont mean to suggest that people with what I consider dedicated field target rifles should not do hft comps. It just seems a bit like racing a rally car against an f1 car...

I just think that the hunter in hft is as important as the field target. I would like to know your opinions on this.
Anyway, happy shooting!
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