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Originally Posted by holly View Post
I don't pick it up till this saturday james . craig mac is flogging me his on first offe back if sold . good scope . but dish the dirt dear boy . how have you managed to get it to work and work well as your results show . when all the rest have said no ? interesting , i do like to go against the flow . it would be a boring old FT world if we all shot 40 mag Comp Xs .to be honest , i have a rather pretty steyr and for once i wanted a good looking outfit . i have to say it will look rather nice on top of your team FTP900 which is what i expect you are talking of . it is far and away the best looking FT scope i have seen ??? HOLLY
I think the main problem originally was the fact that people expected them not to move.
The rangefinding on mine does change with temperature, but here is the thing, it is perfectly consistent, if it is x temperature its response will change by x yards from your reference everytime. Also you will notice that a small change in temperature will show a change in range. there is none of the 'it alters by 20 yards when the temperature hits 20 degrees, or was it 25 degrees' business.

When setting it up let it settle first and note the temp, then it is just down to experience.

I have just one set of markings and make it up from there but Andras has loads of points for reference on his but it is down to how you work.

One other thing, I had a bigger clearer turret made as I was dialling the wrong number, but that comes from being too easily distracted

Keep us up to date with how you find it.

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