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Default Many Thanks To All

Thanks to everyone who came to the Classic

Well Done John great shooting

Thanks to all those that helped set the course,looked after our visiting shooters and made the whole thing run like a dream.

A special thanks to those that not only turned up but actually helped even though they are not members of Bisley and have been up since the crack of dawn. This is really what being part of the shooting fraternity is all about. Hope to see you all come next year.

Now this is what you really read this post for the results

john chopping kentwoodsman 74
andy calpin anston 74
tim goodall north oxon 73
dave schofield tawd vale 72
david jackman kentwoodsman 71
james woodhead bisley 68
Daniel eley kentwoodsman 68
ashley holloway bisley 68
chris briscoe springfield 67
karl clarke millride 67
steve forster bisley 66
dave godwin bisley 66
charlie morrison east devon 66
simon higgins anston 66
paula schofield tawd vale 65 lady
nick murphy doweryhill 65 recoil
john macdonald bisley 65
Steve Privett south buccs 64
chris jones east devon 64
mick brown castle 63
dave cooling christchurch 63
david croucher kentwoodsman 62
glenn newman north oxon 53
des gould bisley 62
justin wood bisley 61
steve woodcroft kentwoodsman 61
richard chasemore christchurch 60
john callaghan castle 60
alan holloway bisley 60
tony glazier kentwoodsman 60
ian stoddart millride 59
clinton bedding north oxon 59
duncan hamilton bisley 59
debbie clarke millride 59 lady
Greg Ralph millride 59
keith worboyes etl 58
mike edmunson bisley 58
mick woodhead bisley 56
tim roscoe bisley 55
steve lanyman wendover 54 sft
david purcell wendover 54
barry mc craw wendover 54
Daniel Privett south buccs 53
dean c archer south buccs 52
Daniel horrocks wendover 50 sft
mick Winstanley south buccs 49
simone callan etl 48 lady
peter montanez east devon 47
grant keeler bisley 46
matt jarret 32 sft
colin charlton bisley 19 . 22

1st john chopping
2nd andy calpin
3rd tim goodall

1st ashley holloway
2nd simon higgins
3rd john macdonald

1st des gould
2nd tony glazier
3rd Greg Ralph

1st debbie clarke
2nd duncan hamilton
3rd dean c archer

Top Lady paula schofield
top sft steve lanyman
top recoiling nick murphey
top .22 colin charlton

bonus bunny
30 david jackman
20 mike edmunson

well done everyone


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