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1st class right from the box mate.
My wife has just got one and it's standard trim.
She's never shot much before and hit every knock down we put out right out to 45 yards as is.

Hard to find any gun in standard trim although they do exist.

Guys, myself included, tinker with them to suits personal needs.
Ie, length of pull etc. But they are fine from new.

My advice would be try it 1st and if it's ok, just leave it.
You can always add things like a muzzle brake etc or silencer at a later point if you want to.

Lee, on my friends list, has one tuned up and for sale at the minute, if you look him up he will talk you through his Ar.

Any mods you need there are guys like Norris on here who can and will make them for you though

Any questions you may have feel free to ask mate, that's what the sites for
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