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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
Was thinking more about the type that clamp onto your knee mate.
The ones in the pic that more or less lock the rifle in place, which is why some like them.
It is stable I guess, but does that not seem like cheating ?
So speaks a man who is loosing weight so now I can see my pellet pouch instead of hoping its there lol
Yus i know the feeling . how about a miniumum weight limit for FT shooter's of say 15 stone . and before any GP a egg burger should be eaten . mind you then old NJR would love that . i am a fan of deregulating FT to a miniumum of rules . not up to a load of rules that nobody understands . K.I.S.S . Keep. It . Simple . Stupid . but i think we have been this route before ??? HOLLY

PS if every body can have one , make one , buy one , then let em get on with it .
" Be your self , everybody else is taken "
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