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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Jinx if you look at the hampster or knee rest logicaly . the higher the hampster the more unstable is the rifle in the aim , so why would you ban a unstable rest . now thinking about it the other way around , how about banning the very low rest , because the gent who uses that has the advantage of a very stable rest . which a lot of shooters cannot do . so you see banning things can throw up all sorts of things that you might not expect or actually like yourself . so speak's a man with a long body and short legs ??? HOLLY
Was thinking more about the type that clamp onto your knee mate.
The ones in the pic that more or less lock the rifle in place, which is why some like them.
It is stable I guess, but does that not seem like cheating ?
So speaks a man who is loosing weight so now I can see my pellet pouch instead of hoping its there lol
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