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The Falcon T50 is on hold ~ spoken for.

The Mk1 Nikko came with mounts. Sportsmatch adjustable mounts. I assumed that they would be the same as the ones I had fitted to the Falcon T50 three months ago. However .......
When I arrived at Greyhound this morning to set up the scope, I discovered that these adjustable mounts were quite different.
There were more allen headed grubscrews than than there are rivets on the Firth of Forth bridge. I had to dismount the scope from the gun, loosen every one of the grubscrews then find out what happened as I selectively tightened them up again. So, it turns out that, not only do theses mounts adjust vertically, they adjust horizontally too. So to gain the correct windage and zero the turrets are both set at half of their travel and show '0'.
Adjustment, laterally and vertically, is then done by carefully adjusting the relevant grubscrews. It took a while to figure it out and carry out the adjustments, but it is now spot on - zero'd at 30yds, as was the T50.
What did become obvious is that the Mk1 Nikko does require a sharksfin wheel, as the rangefinding really bunches up between 35yds and 55yds.
However, I have all of my primary 5yds ranges on the sidewheel now. And have got the clicks required recorded for each of the 5yd divisions.

Tomorrow, having already removed the Mk1 from the gun, I'll go back to Greyhound and do the same thing with the Mk3
Then I can reasonably begin to decide which I'm going to keep on the Daystate for the next 12 months.

I will have learned a lot, by the end of the process: and have lost a lot of my nervousness and trepidation with regard to setting up a scope.
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