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Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
I had 19 made a few years ago. Laser cut and then bolted onto knockover plates. They were designed for HFT as they have odd kill sizes and different hinge to kill distances to fool the people that bracket to range find. For example we have a tank with a kill in the turret. The kill is a non standard size and the bracket to kill distance is non standard. There is also not much metal above the kill so getting the range right is critical. I will post some photos when i get back into work
Cheers, Look forward to seeing those and adding them to the pile for the folder
I was caught out by one of these types of targets not long ago, the kill zone wasn't where i thought it was.

All pics so far in my album for anyone wanting to take a peek or copy etc.
I'll put more up as they come, Many thanks to all who have posted pics so far.

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