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Originally Posted by Jinx View Post
Some more really excellent ones
Been looking online and there are loads more too.
Gona have to see if i can have some made in the near future.
Always nice to have a bit of a laugh while you shoot, relieves the pressure a bit i find, plus it's always fun for the after shoot chats,

Yea that Mickey mouse one gave me real trouble etc

I had 19 made a few years ago. Laser cut and then bolted onto knockover plates. They were designed for HFT as they have odd kill sizes and different hinge to kill distances to fool the people that bracket to range find. For example we have a tank with a kill in the turret. The kill is a non standard size and the bracket to kill distance is non standard. There is also not much metal above the kill so getting the range right is critical. I will post some photos when i get back into work
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