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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
Maybe just in NEFTA then . It was brought in when Gilly bob got hit with a ricochet close to his eye . I'm sure it was brought in also for the GPs.
It will be in effect for the NEFTA hosted events (GP7, Champs, Inters, Showdown and Masters etc since they are in NEFTA this year). The item came up in AOB and it was suggested that NEFTA raise it as a motion for the EGM but nothing came to me to that effect. It will require discussion of course but safety is a complicated beast - is 9.5yds safe? is 10.5yds safe? Should all participants on the firing line wear safety specs? and so on.

Anyway, not on the Agenda as a specific item but I daresay it will be discussed on the 25th.

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