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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Yesterday at Dowry Hill was the last time the Falcon T50 was used on the Mk3.
This morning it was replaced with a Big Nikko.

Initially I was unsure about the way forward.
For those who don't know, let me explain :
Two weeks ago I bought a brand new Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 Mk3 from a ShtBr member at Anston.
During the following week I discussed a Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 Mk1 with a member who was selling his, at a very good price. I subsequently bought the Mk1 - at that price it was too good to miss.

So my uncertainty this morning was the result of being undecided about which Big Nikko to put onto the gun.
I solved the problem by trying them both on. First the Mk1 ~ then the Mk3.
And the Mk1 is slightly snappier than the Mk3 - the clarity is excellent in both scopes.
And perceptibly so, compared to the T50
There's no obvious increase in weight from the T50.
The commonality of the Mk1 is that it rotates in the same direction as the T50, which I'm used to.

So the Mk1 is on the gun - and ready to go up to Greyhound tomorrow to rangefind and sort out top turret clicks.

I'll sell the Falcon T50
I don't yet know whether to keep the Nikko Mk3 - I'll see - it's too good to let go, if I'm going to want another scope in the future.

Jack , far be from me to say " i told you so " but the Nikko is a far better scope than the T50 . and unless you have the ultimate MK 1 nikko . then the MK 111 is the one to keep . the turrets are much better on the MK 111 and the coatings are better on the lenses of the MK 111 , meaning less glare . although both of em need a long sunshade .

when you are ready to get a leupold and wish to sell the Nikko , you will get a better price on the MK111 as well . 350 ish on the MK1 to 450 ish on the MK111 . luck HOLLY
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