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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
If it's problem number 1 it's just an O ring
If it problem number 2 it will need to go back.
Number 1 is an easy fix,just remove the Black hub to reveal an O ring,this will either be broken in two or bone dry.
Relube or replace and lube job done.
Number 2 is what happend to my nikko where the wheel went really tight then suddenly slack .
That required a replacement fom Highland outdoor,that's when the fun started
Hmm thanks for that, I had a quick look under the wheel cap and I do not think I have a tool to remove the cap, it also looks as if it has been off already! (This was a new scope in October 2013) I probably have a returned scope resold as new.

It was slick for a month or so , now it is like turning it through grit.

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