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Session 1
Grego Hensman
Matt Furlong
Dave Smith
Joe Starmer
Peter Foote
Simon Foote
Nick Yates
Nev Baguley
Steve Cartledge
Nigel Smith
Mick McTighe
Steve Handby
Mick Fern
Rick Arden
Aretha Arden
Steve Watson
Mick Boswell
Stuart Hill
Simon Howarth
Ian Howarth
Simon Harrison
Perry Broad (R)
Hal .20cal Cooper
Ryan Charlton
Tony Male
Matt Hipkiss
Ryan Ashman
Tom Morgans
Gerry Baillon
Bert Tate
Mike Everson
Jamie Lewis
Neil Lewis
Paul Spencer
Paul Andrews
Ian Millward
Brian Heaps
Nigel Oram
Ash Bailey

Session 2

Greg Hensman
Kev Gaunt
Clive Evans
Andy Dickson
Pete Glover
Rob Mobley
Simon Minney
Dave Whiteside
Kathy Thompson
Mark Thompson
Chris Duplock
Ken Swift
Paul Brittain
Ricky Moppet
Tye Forde ?
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