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Plink Plink at the moment is his own worst enemy!

He wants to build a site encompassing all the fixtures and results for all local regional and national HFT events. And all without speaking to any of the people who do the work involved in those series and events!!

Now lets say this happens, all the sponsor banners are displayed there and the event organisers relent and start adding Data, there comes a point when all of the HFT eggs are in one basket, controlled by this person who didn't even have the decency to ask!! He has said as much, that his site will be bigger than any series.

I certainly don't think he has displayed any qualities that would convince anyone that he deserves to be trusted with any aspect of our sport.

Peter (probably sat in your arm chair stroking your white cat) this aint gonna happen, you don't have the trust and respect that would be needed to achieve your aim. you went about it all wrong.

Where is 007 Roger when you need him! Laity!!

And a Happy New Year to All.
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