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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
Did you downsize or hang on to your collection ?
I have downsized my collection for the simple reason storage was becoming an issue, and the cash going back in the bank was welcome as well.

Originally Posted by Robf View Post
If I had a CS800'd or Airmasters FTXS stocked venom 77k 0.177 with a mach1 trigger, there's 2 guns that would probably go on sale.

The rest are probably keepers. I might spin off the AA break barrel prototype I picked up recently, but I want to get it shooting and looking just right first.
What two guns would those be then? (asking as someone who owns a Mach 1 triggered HW77 )

The AA prototype, if you can get the trigger unit to me I will give it a good sorting out. did mine at the weekend and it has made a big difference.

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