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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Just because something is online doesn't mean it's not protected. Facts aren't protected, but interpretations of those facts which involve work are. So if someone fancies taking on the losses of an organisation due to the loss of sponsorship for instance because they feel that the work involved in grading or classification over which ranks shooters over and above the amount of targets they hit doesn't constitute enough work to be considered such then that's for them.
That's what the FA and Premier League thought Rob and they lost, imagine that, an official body that actually owns nothing! That why the had to bring in new rules and licences for photo's and reporting from grounds. Even in publishing you're allowed to use other peoples charts etc as long as you don't subvert the data and credit it.

If I was Peter I'd be giving everyone the tools to make doing leagues and results easier and building partnerships rather than banging on about moral rights. As I said before some of the lads have put 30yrs into the sport, that deserves some respect.