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Originally Posted by piotrga View Post
Stillwater, please do not bend the facts. The results have been taken down hours after you requested it and then removed completely from the site the day after. I did that as a gesture of good intentions even though I believe that morally you have no right to limit the usage of the data and legally I have laweyr's opinions confirming that.

The information which is left on the site is just the dates and the location of the events and again I have sent you a message (which you responded to) letting you know that I left that information on the site, so there is nothing sneaky about it. See: http://**********.net/#/series/6

I am under the impression that your emails are based on second hand information and you are criticising **********.net but you didn't bother properly looking at it.

It's a shame you don't want to be part of it - I understand I cannot change your mind, but please stop this campaign of hatered.
Hate is a strong word that I really don't agree with, I have never hated anybody and would not
Run a campaign against anyone.
I may strongly disagree with the way you have gone about things but please don't say I am running a hatred campaign.
I am protective of the series that I run and the people like Fatty that put in a lot of hard work for me and the series.
I can assure you I would probably be the first person to offer you a coffee should we ever meet at a shoot.
In fact come along to the DMHS on the 12th and explain to Fatty how you can make his life easier, and what you true intentions are for **********.
Always better to chat in person than being keyboard warriors.