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Originally Posted by JerryD View Post
Fit a John Ostler reg: I was getting my AR5s "done" every 12-18mths: I've had a JO reg in it for the last 5 mths and it's behaving nicely now.

John used to work at Ripley, and is the master for EV2 regs as well.

As an owner of an AR5 and an AR5s, yes I love Ripleys, my AR5s has a John Reg fitted and has proved excellent. Have not had issues with it for 2 years now, goes through the BFTA chrono within 10fps of what I expect (set mine for 770fps). John replaces the seals with ones that work over a greater temperature range so cold and hot does not affect it.

My AR5s is a matt black one and can do well if I do things properly. Going to save for a GC adjustable stock to purchase for the 14/15 Winter season to get use to it.
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