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Originally Posted by Kev819 View Post
I will do, is Dave an older gent with longish is grey hair and a blue (I think) P70? As for nick's rifle maybe I'll slip something in his coffee and we can strike up a deal. I've seen a gc2 for sale at Blackpool air rifles but not sure what mk it is, lovely looking rifle I might add!
The GC2 is the rolls royce of Rifles . But a lot of them on gunstar are well over priced . a MK1 is really for collectors ( cannot adjust power ) the MK2 with the MK111 bleed valve is i think the best in a normal stock about 600 in good nick . the Mk111 . about 700. the MK111 can some times be a problem gun because quite a few have the polygon barrel and they are usually very , very pellet fussy .. the GC is a bit air hungry . but with the MK111 bleed valve you get about 100 good shots .from a 200 bar charge . the accuracy can easily be as good as any modern rifle . but like all long barred rifles , follow through must be good . get old herx to let you try his . ( then nick it and do a runner ) ??? HOLLY
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