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Originally Posted by raygun View Post
I'd like to congratulate both of you for the fun and interest you have both contributed to.

This is the kind of thing that makes UKAHFT what it is.
If both of you weren't so much bigger than me I'd even fancy my chances of picking on you, no, forget that I'd only lose

Seriously, thanks for the fun.

Thank's Ray, I reckon everyone on the circuit needs to give themselves a pat on the back to be honest. The UKAHFT is not only about the top 10 in the country its the lads that turn up just to put themselves against the course or as in the case of Gary and myself pick on someone about your level (Despite evidence to the contrary he is below me really) and give them sheite What I have noticed this year is that the difference scorewise between the elite/well known shooters and the rest of us is getting smaller, the course's are getting better/harder (There are exceptions but I suspect we won't need to worry about it next year) and there are new people turning up every round and then staying. Really looking forward to next year as IMO UKAHFT can only grow and get even better

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