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Originally Posted by naimboy View Post
Hi guys i have returned rifle ,lost abit of faith in it to be honest thanks for all your advice .Will keep on looking for one ,cheers
there are plenty of really good ones about . try to get one with some history .you might have to spend a bit more , but it will be worth it ??? HOLLY

PS and shoot it as long as poss . look for a good clean light trigger let off and at least an inch five shot group at 50 yards ( good conditions ) . get a small chrono ( combro. about 35 secondhand ) and take it with you to check the power . one of the oldest tricks is to up the power to make the rifle seem better than it is . barrel shrouds and improved stocks are good as is a cone at the breech end . floated barrel . pro targets are lighter than the RN10 . luck .
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