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Originally Posted by Brian.Samson View Post
Interesting thread..

There's a question mark over whether an air stripper improves accuracy because it's stripping turbulent air or because it's having an effect on harmonics, or indeed whether it's all in your head.

One way to prove this one way or the other is with a downrange chrono test.

If the downrange velocity improves with an airstripper fitted, then I think that would be likely to be because of turbulent air being stripped. If the downrange velocity doesn't change but there's a perception that groups tighten, that's either going to be down to harmonics or imagination.
Having at one time played a flute, I wonder if harmonics could be disturbed by a cross wind.

I've tried shooting groups at 55 yards indoors with a Steyr LG100 which had an interchangeable muzzle brake without stripper, one with and a silencer.

After shooting ten shot groups with all three and one with a bare barrel I found the differences to be negligeble.

The placebo effect seems to work well in air gunning.
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