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"But threatening people with lawyers ..." Eh?

Nobody has threatened anybody with lawyers, but a legal opinion has (apparently) been sought. Very different thing entirely. If something is published online in an area that can be seen by any member of the public, then surely it is in the public domain? It may be copyright, and that is a different issue, and would require all sorts of protection, and before you know it people will be reaching for their lawyers left right and centre. Life's too short, FFS.

Peter is not a native English speaker and it seems that some of the more subtle elements of expressions have been missed. Were I doing something like this I'd be saying something like: "I'd like to make use of the data from your club (or series) and collate it into something that is really useful on a scale that is bigger than one club, competition or series. If it works it has the potential to be bigger than any one club or series, and a great tool and asset for the use of all clubs and shooters. Of course I would want to promote your club or series, and it won't take the place of what you do yourselves," etc.

Perhaps part of the problem is that ********** is using text information from other sites, such as details about forthcoming events. if it was simply collated data it might not annoy those who are annoyed quite so much.

Everybody is protective about their "babies" and sometimes the "not invented here" syndrome comes into play. Perhaps if someone from UKAHFT or Southern Hunters, or Daystate Midland Hunters had thought of it, and had approached the other groups with the thought before launch, then it might have gained a bit more support.

There again, I could be mistaken, and the angry people could be right.