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If you are building a site that relies on other people to upload your content saying stuff like "this site will be bigger than your series" is just mental... You will get nowhere and by the looks of it you have burnt bridges that you need to make your site worthwhile.

But you are clearly onto something good, the shooters that use it seem to like it but the people who run the shoots don't. You can't take their scores without their permission (despite what you claim) so you need to get them on board. build something that is better than what they have now and I imagine you will get some success, right now it is lacking what they need and they feel threatened (Although the internet is survival of the fittest, if your site is lacking either up your game or loose out)

I run a small HFT series at tawd vale and use Google Documents for the scores, its horrible to use and people who don't have a google account seem to have a big problem viewing the scores from time to time.

If you built an interface where I can do the scores on plink plink and embed an iframe that displays the series results similar to G docs on my site I'd use it tomorrow... but I don't have sponsors to worry about and I know our club members would rather use the tawd site for the tawd results rather than some other one.
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