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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
If all the details were available on plink plink why would anyone need to go to the original sites?
They wouldn't bother as they would be able to find what they needed at that one site.
All this bollocks about people using the links would never happen, why would you go to the proper sites if all the information is available somewhere else.
Plink plink has nothing without the people like the two Pete's Fatty myself and anyone else that runs a series.
I was happy to hear that the DMHS results had been taken down.
I have now been told that the links and DMHS name are still there, so once again the owner has been just a bit sneaky, by saying he would remove but not doing it completely.
If results are no longer posted on the forums there is only one person to blame!!!
Rant over

Happy New Year all
Stillwater, please do not bend the facts. The results have been taken down hours after you requested it and then removed completely from the site the day after. I did that as a gesture of good intentions even though I believe that morally you have no right to limit the usage of the data and legally I have laweyr's opinions confirming that.

The information which is left on the site is just the dates and the location of the events and again I have sent you a message (which you responded to) letting you know that I left that information on the site, so there is nothing sneaky about it. See: http://**********.net/#/series/6

I am under the impression that your emails are based on second hand information and you are criticising **********.net but you didn't bother properly looking at it.

It's a shame you don't want to be part of it - I understand I cannot change your mind, but please stop this campaign of hatered.