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Default Scope rail droop and optical zero

Sorry, I'm hopeless at the math ..... hoping someone can help or get me in the right direction.

I'm going to mount a big Nikko mk1 on my Steyr LG100. I have my eye on a 2nd hand Welman rail which is a Weaver rail with 16MOA of droop built in. Trying to calculate the following - if I optically center the turrets and mount the scope:

1. At what height would the scope need to be to have the gun zero'd at 35 yards?

I'm not sure of the height of the Welman rail but since I'm after overall scope height I'm not overly concerned. If someone can help with the math then I should be able to figure out the height the rings need to be.

I know this involves trigonometry but those skills have evaporated since college. Want to save myself buying multiple rings to get it right. Plan is to go with some Leupold QRW.

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