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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Good effort Bri!

If you jointed the hook, maybe out of replicated parts, you'd save on the swept volume. You could also mirror the red parts with a little redesign.

Do they do metal or just plastic?
Cheers Rob, I'm very wet behind the ears at this 3D design stuff but I'm really enjoying having a play.
For the first test run, I've made the hook a single piece because I'm not sure about the strength, and it was the hardest bit to design and I'm fed up with tweaking it now

Someone's suggested getting a silicone mould made up for the hook and casting it in urethane resin to save costs.. don't know much about this stuff, but that might work.

The red bits look quite similar but they're actually quite a bit different - I started with a mirror design and tweaked from there. That probably wouldn't save much money in having it printed anyway.

There's some savings I can make with the printing especially if I was going to print half a dozen, and if I can have an ally hook made up or a resin cast hook I reckon I can get the price down a fair bit.

I suppose at the end of the day though, if the 3D printed version is strong enough to last a season on a springer I reckon it'll be plenty strong enough for any PCP, and even at 100 a pop you're still getting a hook that's almost as adjustable as a Gemini for a quarter of the price (albeit in plastic).

I'm not really looking to start a manufacturing business, just having a play for a bit of fun. Of course if it's a benefit to other shooters that's brilliant too.

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