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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Are the guy's phrases and wording being misinterpreted a little?

It's easy to think that his phrase '********** is going to be bigger than' is demeaning and makes him sound arrogant as if he ( his site ) is bigger ( better ) than any one series. Does he not actually mean that regarding stats on the internet the ********** site could end up having stats from many many series, competitions, and thus if it catches on it will get visitors from people who have shot, and have an interest in, many many shoots and not just from an individual series? So not meaning 'bigger than' but meaning 'will have stats from more shoots than just'.

So if a series allows him to use their data then they, and their sponsors, may benefit because people visiting ********** for details of other shoots may end up linking to that series. So people that may never see Series 'X' site, and their sponsors, will do so because they have linked there via the ********** site. They may never have seen that site or the sponsors as they don't shoot in that series so wouldn't directly go there. From that respect may it even help get people to try other comps or even different formats of target shooting and could help to promote all aspects of airgun target shooting?

His phrasing isn't great ( maybe English isn't his first language ) but maybe his intentions are good and could benefit people if he gets more traffic to your sites and sponsors and he can help you with technology that can help you enter the data much quicker. He seems to be asking people what they want him to do to get more people linking to your sites?

I have no idea of his intentions but maybe it's worth investigating?
Skires, thank you for clarification. This is exactly what I meant - the positive interpretation.
I guess the meaning got lost in the heat of the moment and emotions have taken over.