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Originally Posted by scutter View Post
Dear Chris.

I am so sorry, but it appears that I kicked your *** in the nationals this year

After months of abuse the final scores were

Big Chris 531.880

Big Chilly 532.106

So this would mean, I kicked your but in the Southern Hunters, Worlds and the Nationals

There’s always next year bud.

Actually a big thanks must go to Chris who has given me grief all year long, The mark of a good mate is one you can take the **** out off and have a great rivalry with.

However I will eviscerate him in my article. There shal be no mercy

Your mine at the Gathering BOY


Oh and well done Pete for winning
Having stuffed you at Quarry you are still the ***** I believe, Oh I forgot you sneaked into the Gathering at the last minute That will be another destruction then LOL as you say Gary its been a crackin year and the banter we've had has just made it better
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