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If the issue then is primarily one of web traffic and sponsorship, it would seem that co-operation between the various sites is the way forward. Of course, it might be useful if Piotr could make a clear statement of what his aims are for ********** - if it is primarily intended to be a commercial website then I can understand the frustration of some of the other site owners. But I would have thought that reciprocal links would go a long way to making everyone happy. As has been said by others, the more positive exposure HFT gets, the better!

If there was potentially "real" money in HFT then it could afford to pay for full-time or at least part time admin, but as far as I know there isn't that sort of money available. So until that time we all have to be thankful for the voluntary workers at club, regional, national and international level who give up so much of their time for the sport / pastime they love. I'll not attempt to list them, because I'd be sure to miss some out, but you know who you are and, importantly, WE, the rest of the shooters, know who you are. Thanks again, guys!

(Sorry, a couple of posts above came in while i was writing this, so it's a bit behind the times)

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