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Originally Posted by fatty View Post
Ditto Pete. With the DMHS and Kibby series. I am not going to be merely a contributor to somebody else's site. I don't want our sponsors, nor anybody elses to be forced into withdrawing support. I do feel that maybe ********** is trying to build his site up for his own gain and in his words (BE BIG) and in a recent email he sent me, (The UK series needs me, my site will be bigger than the whole of the UK series an be nothing without me). I believe his intentions are to force sponsors into supporting his site as all the traffic would be there and would profit himself.

His comments and actions to myself and other series organisers and stato's have been rude, underhanded and simply just not in the manner of which I have become accustomed to in the sport and this is why his site has been met with such force. I do not want, as a member of the DMHS and Kibby comitee, to be associated with this attitude and approach, thus deciding that the DMHS would refrain from our data being used.
fatty - please do not misquote. This is your interpretation not my words.

I said that ********** was going to be bigger than any single series and it is in the interest of the series to work with **********, and that I am eager to work with you and customise the site to your needs, so you don't loose any sponsorship and on top of it I offered my help with technology.