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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
If we take the UKAHFT website for instance.... once the cards are in it takes me 6-8hrs to check all the cards, collate the scores, enter them into the spreadsheet & then create & alter the relevant webpages, to do this I take a day off work on the Monday after competition so that shooters can view their scores as soon as possible......would I do this just to benefit another site who haven't contributed to the process & may actually be harming our events..... NOT A CHANCE
Inputting the data doesn't have to be so time consuming. At last MAD After Dark we have entered the data straight into ********** (using iPad with 3G connection but easily we could have used any smartphone) while people were returning their cards.

It took 5 minutes maybe - little more than just scribbling it down in the note pad. I'd say 20 seconds per person, while I was sitting there and waiting for the scores to arrive anyway.

The benefit was that the scores were available immediately - even while the competition wasn't finished yet.
No need to collate/verify/etc. as the technology can fix spelling mistakes, sort the data, categorise it and provide search capability.

On top of that people who are interested in their own or somebody else's scores can subscribe to them and get email notification as soon as the scores are available.

If it comes to the sponsorship argument - I've said it many times and I am going to reiterate: every club/series/event has a section where the owners will be able to add any content they like including the "thank you" to the sponsors. If people decide to contribute their scores I will enable this feature.

Also at the moment at the top of the event/club/series page there is a link to the original website and if you think it is not enough, we can thing of adding more visually attractive link to encourage people to visit the original websites.

If it is not enough I am open to suggestions as it isn't in my interest to take away any sponsorships. I like the sport. I know technology and I wanted to combine the two to make it better.