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Originally Posted by Scooby View Post
For me it has little to do with the information being taken without being asked

The problem occurs when people visit a different site rather than visiting the original site, the original site then gets less & less traffic, sponsors get less and less exposure which may result in less sponsorship. The original site then ends up being just a resource for the new site who may or may not be making money from advertising on the new site.

If we take the UKAHFT website for instance.... once the cards are in it takes me 6-8hrs to check all the cards, collate the scores, enter them into the spreadsheet & then create & alter the relevant webpages, to do this I take a day off work on the Monday after competition so that shooters can view their scores as soon as possible......would I do this just to benefit another site who haven't contributed to the process & may actually be harming our events..... NOT A CHANCE
Has anyone actually asked to see if a collaboration can be made? Sponorship nor hits is not a vaild arguement as web parts in html5 could be used. plus more links from a heavily used web sites increases search engine results for said club or ukahft site.

the excel spreadsheet being used which was created is some what out dated as i had to rewrite my own to use. There are a lot of benefits to using something like this so you dont have to take a day off to publish the results theres cheap tech scanners etc... which can be purchased where you scan it detects and posts results in excel that aint gonna happen

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