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Originally Posted by KeithW View Post
I must be thick, but I still don't follow your argument. As before: What is ********** doing that diminishes anything the clubs / series are doing?

Yes, ok, I take your point that asking first might have been a more polite way of doing things. But frankly, in today's connected and interconnected world it would have been a highly unusual thing to do.

I still continue to look at the club and series websites, and this one, and other sites for the information that I want. i am now very disappointed that my results (poor as they are) for the DMHS are not going to be collated for me and that I'll have to go back to doing all the work myself - all because of what I think is an ill-considered knee-****, reaction. As I say: What is ********** doing that diminishes anything the clubs / series are doing?
For me it has little to do with the information being taken without being asked

The problem occurs when people visit a different site rather than visiting the original site, the original site then gets less & less traffic, sponsors get less and less exposure which may result in less sponsorship. The original site then ends up being just a resource for the new site who may or may not be making money from advertising on the new site.

If we take the UKAHFT website for instance.... once the cards are in it takes me 6-8hrs to check all the cards, collate the scores, enter them into the spreadsheet & then create & alter the relevant webpages, to do this I take a day off work on the Monday after competition so that shooters can view their scores as soon as possible......would I do this just to benefit another site who haven't contributed to the process & may actually be harming our events..... NOT A CHANCE