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Originally Posted by stillwater View Post
If that is the case then The DMHS scores will not be able to be put up in the public domain, which in turn would have an effect on the series and possibly the sponsorship of the series.
Leading to the series having to finish and as such this would effect a lot of people that enjoy the sport.
The guy that runs the DMHS web site and compiles the scores puts in a lot of time and effort to do so, and for someone to take that data without having the manners to ask before taking it is a disgrace and is something that shouldn't be allowed to happen.
********** have now taken down the DMHS scores and I appreciate the fact that they have done so.
As for there being a catch who knows!!!
I must be thick, but I still don't follow your argument. As before: What is ********** doing that diminishes anything the clubs / series are doing?

Yes, ok, I take your point that asking first might have been a more polite way of doing things. But frankly, in today's connected and interconnected world it would have been a highly unusual thing to do.

I still continue to look at the club and series websites, and this one, and other sites for the information that I want. i am now very disappointed that my results (poor as they are) for the DMHS are not going to be collated for me and that I'll have to go back to doing all the work myself - all because of what I think is an ill-considered knee-****, reaction. As I say: What is ********** doing that diminishes anything the clubs / series are doing?